Production process

At Bacalao Outon we take care of all stages of production processes from the beginning to guarantee the quality, safety and sustainability of cod. We work with Gadus morhua species, from Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway.

Bacalao Outón assumes the principles and rules provided by FAO’s Conduct Code for Responsible Fishing. Bacalao Outón requires from its suppliers official Catch Certificates, Health Recordings and environmentally friendly fishing methods. We select the best raw material from our approved suppliers and we ensure sustainable fisheries by using line-fishing methods, which allows to obtain the best quality, flavor, color and texture’s cod.

The cod received from fisheries is subjected to rigorous microbiological, chemical and organoleptic quality controls, which are maintained throughout the production process. Also, the cold chain is guaranteed at all times via computerized and centralized systems that ensure proper temperature in processing and storage rooms.


Drying process gives added value to our company. From our early beginnings, we maintain traditional drying methods that give the cod the qualities for which has been a so appreciated delicacy throughout its history. Thus we obtain different degrees of drying: dry, medium dried and wet salted. We mix tradition, technology and continuous improvement, to ensure a high quality cod.

At Bacalao Outón we package both processed fish and splitted cod in different sizes and packaging formats to meet the needs of our customers.